Okanagan Tomatoes and Apples


Okanagan apples and tomatoes will arrive on Saturday, August 29th. Tomato case 20lb. $34 Apple case 10lb. $16, two summer varieties. Welcome to our store on Saturday!

Palirria from Greece


Palirria offers its very unique take on a classic popular Eastern Mediterranean recipe.Fleshly collected eggplants, juicy tomatoes, finely chopped onions and fine herbs are perfectly combined to create this traditional … Learn more

Bowfin Black Caviar

Bowfin black caviar. Bowfin Caviar makes an excellent and inexpensive substitute for sturgeon roe. His black caviar comes from wild Bowfin (Amia Calva) which is even more ancient than the … Learn more

Expanding Assortment

We have just received fresh candies and chocolates from three famous Russian producers, also expanded our assortment with new products . “Red October”, “Babaevskaya” and “Rot Front” fresh chocolates and … Learn more

Sugar Biscuits from SLODYCH

We are delighted to offer you new sugar biscuits that have arrived from Minsk, Belarus! Golden SLODYCH with Seasame seeds Wheat SLODYCH with bran Slodych’s biscuits are produced from high … Learn more

New from VERES

Pea Soup Pea Soup is a common, very yummy and nutritious soup. If you like this soup but don’t have the time to cook – we have a solution for … Learn more