As our name suggests we bring to the dinner table quality European groceries. We help our customers to eat well and healthy. Euro Food Tri-City is located in the heart of the Lower Mainland on Coquitlam side of the North Road in a walking distance from the Lougheed Mall and Lougheed Town Centre SkyTrain station.

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While not all products are available in our online store, please call our telephone delivery line 604-518-3450 or the store line 604-931-7470, and together we will figure out your order and a delivery time. Please take a look at the delivery area that we cover.

Canned and Frozen Caviar is back in stock!

This Canadian salmon roe has very appetizing, medium size translucent grains that are orange in color. It comes from the Spring salmon, which is very popular among the Canadians and carries savory, nutty, buttery flavor. The eggs are firm and have the pop caviar lovers look for.


Okanagan Tomatoes and Apples

Okanagan apples and tomatoes will arrive on Saturday, August 29th. Tomato case 20lb. $34 Apple case 10lb. $16, two summer varieties. Welcome to our store on Saturday!

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