Fresh organically grown tomatoes and peaches in our store!

Running the risk of not being original we point out that this is THE time of the year for all who love natural produce. This is the time when we bring organically grown fruits and veggies from friendly farms in Okanagan.

This week (August the 8th) we will bring for you field tomatoes (beefsteaks) that were the biggest hit for 3 previous years. For many our customers from the older generation it is a taste of long gone childhood when pesticides were not common, when you were able to buy local produce in local shop and not something that was grown in other hemisphere and shipped to your supermarket three months ago.

Other item we are bringing is the organically grown peaches many of our customers loved and keep asking for more.
We secured for this week only limited amount of tomatoes and peaches but hope to repeat shipment the very next week or two if demand will be as big as in the last year.

Dear Customers, we hope to hearing from you whether you are in for this box-sale!

Please call our store (604)-931-7470 or send us an email.


And here is a Peach and Tomato trivia.

tomato-peach-saladDo you know that the first peaches had come to North America with Columbus on his second and third voyages? The first peach plantation in USA was established in Florida in 1565. August since than traditionally known as the National Peach Month (17th of August is the Peach Ice Cream Day).

Despite China and Italy are the two biggest peach producers in the world, our own Okanagan Valley is highly regarded for quality of the produce. We even have a town named Peachland there! Across from Peachland located a Rattlesnake Island – considered a home of our own “Lough Ness Monster” known as Ogopogo. It is not known whether Ogopogo likes peaches and tomato or preferred munch on bikini clad tourists.

Unlike peaches tomatoes are native berries to Americas (indeed ‘berries’! – that is how “fruits” of Solanum lycopersicum, are classified). After the room was created by unloading peach trees from Columbus galleons, for return voyage it was filled with local American plants, tomatoes included. That is how inexplicably fate of tomatoes and peaches intertwined.

Do you know you can easily combine Peaches and Tomatoes in one tasty salad? Here is the recipe: cut tomatoes and peached in chunks and place them on a platter. Add drops of fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and a drizzle of balsamic reduction and BOOM! Look at how gorgeous this salad is! It takes minutes to make and even less time to eat!