Maslenitsa Family Day

After several years of hiatus, caused by the most terrible virus and the most beautiful vaccine in the history of mankind (as the Government and the Liberal Party teach us), we at the Euro Food Tri-City Store have resumed this year’s celebration of Butter week (Maslenitsa)

People began to arrive an hour and a half before the announced in time. A lot of different things were squeezed in the five hour’s Program. Children’s games in the open air – tug-of-war, games for accuracy, destruction of the Maslenitsa effigy made of balloons in which there were candies, of course, were remembered by many. Anastasia Prigorodova held a master class for children on how to make Maslenitsa amulets (oberegs). The kids loved it!

Everyone was pleased with the group “Roma Gray” performances – the dances of children’s ensemble and the gypsy songs of the adult group, as always, were at their best! The choir of our Chorus Juventus and its core – the vocal group “Unexpected” («Не ждали») – received all possible applause. The audience sang along! We would like to say thank you to all the participants, volunteers, and especially to the musicians Sergey and Evgeny Maryshev, Slava Alexandrov and Sasha Mayer.

And of course, the esteemed public loved our traditional free pancakes and teas. Everyone could eat as much as they were able to. It was a pleasure to see and to mingle with many old friends from among our regular customers and see new faces, many of whom are recent refugees from Ukraine, get to know them. “Maslyana” is a traditional Ukrainian holiday!

A special thanks to our wonderful employees, who cooked and served pancakes all day, including ones with red fish, caviar, meat and five more fillings, and who helped in children’s competitions and even sang in the choir! Many of them speak both Ukrainian and Russian, not to mention English or even Kazakh, Polish, Moldovan and … Italian!