Dumpling Day Festival

Thank you to everyone who took part in our first and, we hope, will become an annual festival – guests, artists, and, of course, students of dumpling mastery!

On February 18, 2024, the Euro Food Tri-City store held the first “Dumpling Day” festival.

There were a lot of visitors. Some were just thinking about our party by visiting our website, but many had materialized at 555 North Road, Coquitlam. And this pleased us and our guests – the choir of our community Chorus Juventus, the performer of semi-folk songs Evgeny Plotnikov, the children’s group ensemble “Roma Gray” under the guidance of Svetlana Kovaleva.

One of the highlights of the festival were the master classes for children on making dumplings. Both children and their parents rejoiced, especially fathers, who commanded from afar: “Put more meat in the dumpling!” Each child received as a gift an apron and a chef’s hat, a Diploma of a certified Dumpling Maker, their portrait and, of course, a large plate of dumplings of their own making!

The highlight of the program was of course consuming three types of dumplings cooked in our kitchen – Siberian (40 kg), Chicken (7 kg) and Lamb stuffed dumplings (14 kg). A simple calculation gives 61 kg of gobbled up dumplings, which were eaten with copious amounts of butter, sour cream, or adjika (traditional hot sauce).