Our store carries a selection of healthy juices, mineral water, and other healthy and delicious drinks carefully picked from trusted producers of Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Israel.

We also offer pop and non-alcoholic beer.

To list only a few:

Odessa Baby Foods
Gospodarochka, Odessa
Sandora, Ukraine
Hortex, Poland
Vitmark, Ukraine

During summer time drinks are consumed with pleasure and in huge quantities. Everyone wants them to be not only tasty, but healthy as well.

Juices are fit the bill and are very helpful for maintaining health and alleviate dehydration. Juices from fresh fruits, berries and vegetables better than anything else fill us with energy; give us essential vitamins, enzymes, minerals. Juices improve digestion, help bodies to fight huge array of ailments.

Many juices have a specific direct impact. For example the removing of heavy metals from bodies could be aided with intake of apricot, grape, wild strawberry, cranberry, beet, plum, black current and apple juices. Cranberry, lingonberry and ash tree berry juices will help you to fight many bacterial agents.

In effect the juices fall into next categories:

  • diuretics – apricot, watermelon, grape, pear, strawberry, carrot, celery, and wild rose juices
  • anti-inflammatory, antiseptic – pomegranate, onion, horseradish, garlic, apple juices
  • bile flow normalization – apricot, cabbage peach, parsley and wild rode juices
  • laxative – beetroot, apricot, grape, potato, carrot, plum, melon juices
  • curing the loose bowel movements – pomegranate and cherry juices
  • improving digestion – cabbage, carrot, beetroot, and horseradish juices
  • blood pressure normalization – grape, strawberry, tomato, Saskatoon berry juices
  • tonics – apricot, grape, strawberry, peach, tomato and cherry juices

Do you know that juices with a pulp have more biologically active compounds than transparent ones?

Of course freshly made juices are more beneficial than the ones with preservatives, but very often they are not easily accessible due to the lack of time, and sometimes prohibitive costs. Therefore one should not give up the juices with preservatives. Of course they are not a 100% substitute for the fresh ones, but the health benefits of them are real, even if somewhat reduced.

To increase healthy qualities of those juices it is suggested to add to them a little bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice before drinking.