Meat and Sausages

Sausages in general are typically eaten as an appetizer -often served with cheese and olives.The pork sausage is smoky in flavor and can be soft or very dry in texture.The mild taste of pepper allows everyone to experience the richest flavor and let them enjoy one of most famous and popular sausages in the world like Hot Sremska Sausage, Hungarian Farmer, Polish Wiener or Kabanos -Polish salty delicacy served at EuroFood !

We offer many more :

Odesskaya, Moldavian Salami, Krakovskaya, Tsar Salami, Moskovskaya, Baltic Dry Salami, Super Salami, Hungarian Salami, Cervelat Salami, Servelat Finland Salami, German Salami, Russian Servelat
Moskovskaya kolbasa, Sopocka, Posolskaya Dry Salami, Cajna Sausage.